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About Heritage

About Heritage Traveler

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About Heritage Traveler Visa

The Heritage Traveler is a prepaid Visa card you purchase to "carry" your money until you access your funds at any Visa/Plus ATM or make purchases at any Visa and Visa Electron merchants whenever and wherever you need it. An attractive benefit is that you can access your account information such as balance, view transactions, and transaction history via online. You will be able to use it at all Visa electronic terminals, please select the "Credit" option in these cases.

The Heritage Traveler is easy to buy - safe and convenient to use. It is not a traveler's check or a credit card. This card is a convenient way to budget your travel expenditures as you can decide the budget for your next trip and then purchase a Heritage Traveler for that amount.

The Heritage Traveler can be reloaded or disregarded once the funds are depleted. Each card can be purchased and reloaded for a minimum of US$500 to a maximum of US$5,000. The maximum limit on the card is US$5,000.

When you use your Heritage Traveler, you benefit from a wholesale exchange rate that is generally more favorable than that found at currency exchange and hotels.

In conclusion, Heritage Traveler is one of the safest ways to carry cash. The card offers enhanced security features such as 100% electronic authorization processing and a secret Personal Identification Number (PIN) to protect your funds.

This card is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Heritage International Bank and Trust Limited, which can be accessed via this site.For an electronic version of the Terms & Conditions please click here.


About MasterCard Prepaid

MasterCard Prepaid card is a payment card that can be loaded with money - you can only spend the amount of money you have loaded onto the card.

The card has a card number, signature strip, an expiry date, and the MasterCard logo. The card is non-personalized and does not reflect the name of cardholder.

It is safer and more convenient to use than cash. The card can be blocked if lost or stolen. You can block card yourself on this said site or contact us.

Card can be used wherever MasterCard cards are accepted internationally. It is easy to use, all you need to do:

At Shops      -      Simply hand your card to the cashier

Internet      -      Input card details on "Check-Out" page of the Internet site

Telephone      -      Read card details over the phone to salesperson

Mail Order      -      Complete Order Form with card details

ATM      -      Insert card, enter PIN and amount required

When you use a prepaid card, the money is immediately taken from the amount loaded onto the card. As long as you have enough money available, you can continue to use your prepaid card to buy or withdraw cash.

When the amount remaining on your card is low, you may reload your card for further use. Please check with your card provider to reload card .For an electronic version of the Terms & Conditions please click here.

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