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Heritage Traveler Terms and Conditions

Purchase or Use of a Heritage Bank Visa TravelMoney (VTM) Card constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions governing this Card.

Heritage Bank Contact Information
For any information or query about the VTM Card, view the Bank’s web site or contact a representative as given below:

  Heritage Bank Web
 Email: or
 Phone:(501) 223-5698 or 223-6783
 Fax:(501) 223-0368 or 223-1971
 Card Log-In Web Site:

VTM Card
Heritage Bank VTM Card is a prepaid reloadable non-personalized card with magnetic strip, which is used as an alternative payment medium to conduct cash withdrawals, Internet purchases and purchases in stores. The Card does not incur nor pay interest.

Uses of VTM Card
  • This card is called Heritage Traveler because it is Safe and Convenient to carry around as opposed to carrying cash.
  • Heritage Traveler card facilitates fast, easy repeated payments, such as salaries, dividends or commissions to employees/agents as opposed to using checks or wire transfers.
  • Heritage Traveler card is acceptable worldwide in stores, at ATMs and on the Internet.
  • Heritage Traveler card is in US dollar; however, conversion from other currencies is automated and does not delay transactions.
  • The VTM card can be co-branded and re-designed exclusively for your business clientele
Purchasing a Heritage Traveler Card
  • Application Form and additional information are available on Bank’s Web Site or can be requested from Customer Services (note contact information above).
  • Heritage Traveler card is pre-embossed with card number and expiry date; has pre-assigned PIN; and non-personalized; thus allowing Bank to issue card promptly
  • Card is mailed to you at no risk since Bank mails card before it is activated and funded
  • Purchase cards individually or in multiples for corporate clientele
  • Card is reloadable and therefore no new plastic is necessary when initial funds are depleted. Just instruct Bank to reload money on the same card for further use.
  • Load/Reload occurs within minutes after your instruction is received; thereby providing you with quick access to your money.
  • Your loading instruction is easily sent to Bank via Fax or Email
Personal Identification Number (PIN)
This is a 4-digit number provided with the VTM Card. It is important that you do not share your PIN with anyone and that you keep it in a secure place accessible only by you. Memorize your PIN and do not carry around with the Card. Security and Confidentiality of your PIN are important because the PIN is a means of authentication to access funds on your VTM Card.

You may go online via Bank’s web site and change PIN at anytime; however, you need to know the old PIN in order to create new PIN. If you are unable to recall your PIN, contact the Bank for new card and PIN as PINs are pre-assigned and Bank is unable to re-issue only PIN.

If you forget your PIN when attempting transactions, your Card will be temporarily blocked after 3 failed attempts. This measure is in place to safeguard your funds in the event the Card is lost or stolen and someone else is trying to guess your PIN to deplete funds on the Card. Remember, this is only a temporary block allowing you time to report the Card missing for Bank to take more permanent action.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Card
Contact the Bank as soon as possible to report your Card Lost, Stolen or Damaged so the Bank can immediately take necessary action to protect any money held on the Card; or if you have immediate access to the Internet, you may log in to the Card site given above and suspend the Card from further use. Subsequent to suspending or blocking your lost/stolen/damaged Card, contact the Bank to obtain a new Card and to have the Bank transfer any funds remaining on the lost/stolen/damaged Card onto the new Card.

Authorized Card Transactions
All transactions done with your VTM Card and/or PIN are equivalent to your signature and will be processed as being authorized by you, unless such transaction occurred after you notify the Bank of your Card being lost, stolen or damaged.

Transaction Statement
The Bank does not issue statements detailing transactions done with your Card. However, you may log in to the Card site (given above) at anytime to view your Card transactions.

Dispute Charges
In the event you wish the Bank to dispute a charge made to your Card on your behalf, provide the Bank with details of the transaction and the reason for your dispute in writing and within 30 days that the transaction occurred.

  • Refer to Bank’s Depository Agreement, which also governs operations of VTM Card.
  • Bank may refuse to sell or may choose to cancel a VTM Card if Bank believes the Card will be used or is being used to facilitate activities falling outside Bank’s acceptable line of business.
  • VTM Terms & Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with laws of Belize and parties hereto hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Belize on any matter relating to the Terms & Conditions.
  • Bank may change the Terms & Conditions in its sole discretion at any times and any variation shall be binding upon Cardholder.   We invite you to review the Bank’s web site for any changes, enhancements or promotions pertaining to your VTM product.  

Card Limits 
Card Balance:


Single Load:


Monthly Load:


Daily Number of Loads:


Card Cash Limits 
Per Cash Withdrawal:


Daily Cash Withdrawal:


Daily Number of Withdrawal:


Card Purchase Limits 
Per Purchase:


Daily Dollar Purchase:


Daily Number of Purchase:


Card Fees* 
           $1 - $1,000:


           $1,001 - $5,000:




Replacement Card:


Monthly Maintenance:


ATM Cash Withdrawal:




Declined Transaction:


No Activity after 90 days:


Currency Conversion Fee:


Chargeback Processing:


* Certain Fees are discounted when multiple cards are purchased



Read these Terms and Conditions carefully and keep for future reference.

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the words 'we' and 'our' means Provident Bank & Trust of Belize Limited (PBTBL). The words 'you' and 'your' means the individual purchaser or user of the PBTBL MasterCard Prepaid Cards. To purchase or to use a PBTBL MasterCard Prepaid Card or to sign a purchase receipt of same or sign an application for this product constitutes the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions or any other terms and conditions contained on the purchase receipt or on the card itself.


Provident Bank & Trust of Belize Limited MasterCard Prepaid Cards are cards with magnetic strips, which are acquired as alternative payment medium with minimum risk, and which do not incur nor pay interest.

Process of Purchase

You can purchase PBTBL MasterCard Prepaid Cards by completing an application for review. One of each card per person is issued. The minimum value to activate a PBTBL MasterCard Prepaid Card is US$20.00. The maximum load/reload amount per prepaid card and the maximum cumulative balance on a prepaid card vary according to the card Program through which you acquired your card. In application, you should determine the balance of the Card in U.S. Dollars.

You can deposit additional amounts on prepaid cards in US Dollars, which can be added to the existing prepaid card balance providing it does not exceed the cumulative balance limit assigned to your card Program. Your PBTBL MasterCard Prepaid Cards allow you to access your funds from any MasterCard Cirrus Automated Teller Machine (ATMs), merchants that accept card payments, or on websites requiring on-line payment via credit/debit card.

Once the Card has been purchased, any query, information or assistance will have to be requested through the telephone numbers for Customer Service, via the website, or from your card provider.

Personal Identification Number

The Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a 4-digit number use to withdraw cash from your card. It is important that only you have access to this number and that you keep it in a secure place. It is best to memorize your PIN since it is the equivalent to your signature. This is a means of authentication and is required at merchants with pin capability or to access your funds at ATM.

In case you lose or misplace your PIN, immediately contact customer service. In the event you forget your PIN, you will be allowed a maximum of three tries in order for the card not to be deactivated. If your card is deactivated at the end of the third try, you will have to contact customer service to receive further instructions.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

If your Cards have been stolen, misplaced or damaged and you have forgotten or misplaced your PIN, please notify customer service and report immediately or via our website

Once the report has been made your card(s) will be blocked from use. If you are certain that you were the only one to have access to your PIN, it is optional to make a report of theft/misplacement. However, if you do not make this report it will be your responsibility for usage of the card.

Appropriate Use

All transactions done with your PBTBL MasterCard Prepaid Cards and your PINs are equivalent to your signature, which are the only means of identification for the use of the cards. Therefore, it is understood that the transactions were made by you or by someone on your behalf, unless you notify customer service of a lost/stolen card. Sale of this product is to be made to our customers as an alternate payment medium.

Types of Transactions and Limitations

You can use your PBTBL MasterCard Prepaid Cards to access cash at any MasterCard Cirrus ATM Worldwide. All withdrawals will be deducted from your registered balance.

You can access your total available balance at a MasterCard Cirrus ATM in any part of the world but it is important to consider that due to the different rules and policies of individual banks in certain countries, the ATMs may have a limit on the amount of cash it will dispense.

You must also take into account the following:
  • If your card remains inactive for 3 consecutive months it will be charged an inactive fee of US$10.00
  • Your card will be charged a monthly maintenance fee in accordance with your card program Agreement.
  • When a minimum balance of US$10.00 or less is in your PBTBL MasterCard Prepaid Card and the card is inactive, it will be charged the inactive fee and deactivated for use as a MasterCard Prepaid Card. However, you can purchase another MasterCard Prepaid Card in the future.
  • When your card has a balance equal to or less than the monthly maintenance fee, it will be charged the monthly maintenance fee and deactivated from further use. However, you can purchase another MasterCard prepaid card in the future.

Charges & Commissions *

  1. Activation/Initial Sign up fee
  2. Monthly Maintenance Fee
  3. Load Fee
  4. Transfer Funds to Replaced Card $10.00
  5. ATM Withdrawal Fee
  6. ATM Balance Inquiry/Decline
  7. Foreign Transaction Fee 2.5%
  8. Courier Fees (Depends on FEDEX destination)
  9. Online & POS fees
  10. Per Charge Back Fee $55.00
  11. Inactive Fee $10.00
*These fees are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Bank and are established in accordance with your card Program Agreement. Refer to your personal Terms & Conditions for your specific fees or contact Customer Services or your card provider.


As PBTBL MasterCard Prepaid Cards, PBTBL will not be issuing statements detailing the transactions used by you. However, you can look up your recent transaction history (view the 5 current items) or pull up statements providing up to date and accurate balances on If there is a transaction that was not authorized by you, you must immediately contact PBTBL via telephone or the website.


In case of errors or doubts over electronic transactions, please contact the service numbers or via the website as soon as possible so that the problem may be resolved. You have 30 days from the date transactions were made to present your dispute. In the event you wish to dispute a charge, you must provide a written letter explaining your case.


This MasterCard Prepaid Cards products are operated in relation to the bank's Depository Agreement. PBTBL can refuse to sell a MasterCard Prepaid Card to a person if after doing its due diligence it finds out that the card is being used for illegal activities. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Belize and the parties hereto hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Belize on any matter relating to these Terms and Conditions.

PBTBL may change these Terms and Conditions at any time or times in its sole discretion whether or not a similar amendment is made to these Terms and Conditions with any other Cardholder provided that at least 30 days prior notice of any such change is given to the Cardholder and a variation so notified shall be binding upon the Cardholder Terms and Conditions.

Returning Cardholders